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© 2020 SEA Photography UK - All Rights reserved

Maternity Session

Today i had my pupil Liss from Monkey Tales Photography at the studio and i helped show her how to set up and use her studio equipment and how to work it with the light meter. It was great fun working along side Liss, we had a great session and i hope she gained the knowledge and confidence she needed from doing it all first hand. The Couple we worked with were very lovely and also photogenic which made them […]

Jess Cat

So a few weeks ago we starting seeing an appearance of a lovely friendly kitten which my girls named ‘Jess Cat’ (for its resemblance to Jess from Postman Pat) Jess started turning up more frequently and chilling out in our home and playing with the children. Jess does not have a collar so we did wonder whether he was a stray. The other day I caught him on camera and got this beautiful image of him. We have not seen […]